Monday, 19 August 2013

We're back from Tenerife.

Flying most be the most boring way of travelling yet devised, but it did only take four hours to get to Tenerife so it does have one advantage over swimming.

11 Habitats Del Duque, Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Plenty of space for the ten of us. I never did get a photo' of us all together, too much going on.

After the purchase of essential pool furniture

and the arrival of Uncle Stuart, (Our beach bum son, resident of Tenerife and loving it)

 the pool became the best used part of the villa.

The grandchildren even persuaded Jill to take a dip.

Water, water everywhere, the wave pool at Siam Park. It was a tad crowded.
It wasn't all swimming though,

some of us managed to fit in a bit of deep sea fishing. That's Noah with the trigger fish.

Eating seemed to take up a fair bit of time as well.

Just a couple of views of the beach at Playa Fanabe. Plenty of good restaurants behind the beach, not just fish and chips either, although they were available, but the local cuisine was preferable.

More Tenerife to come, after we climb Caen Hill tomorrow.

Watch this space...........

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