Sunday, 25 August 2013

Some musings on autumn and WWII.

Sunshine and showers? Just generally grotty summer weather.

Yesterday gave us a colourful sunset but this morning it was grey and miserable with showers coming and going but by midday cabin fever was setting in so we decided to brave the weather and go for a wander.

On the nearest bridge, Woodborough Fields Bridge, we found a remnant of WWII. These huge lumps of concrete were designed to prevent the Nazis' using the bridge to cross the canal. The K&A was part of the G.H.Q. Line which ran from Somerset to Kent and was designed to protect London and the midlands in the event of invasion. I just get the feeling that if they had managed to cross The Channel then a shallow, run down, canal wouldn't have been much of an obstacle, even with the help of these gurt big blocks of concrete.

As we walked around the local lanes it was obvious that autumn was creeping up on us.

We rejoined the towpath at Ladies Bridge, just by the Widewater. Guess what, the graffitists' had been there.

R.N. had been there in 1890 but the highlight

was this beautiful swan, cut into one of the bridge wings. Unfortunately the artist had left no clue as to date but it obviously had some age to it.

More swans tonight,

as the sun dropped behind the hill.

Watch this space..........

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