Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Back at Devizes, with a bit of Tenerife thrown in.

Now back at Devizes, we came up the locks yesterday in the company of a family on their first ever canal boating holiday, it certainly made the work easier and by the top they were handling it like seasoned veterans. Unfortunately it took us six hours as we had a chap in a seventy footer ahead of us and he seemed to be unable to get into the locks without some extraordinary manoeuvres. Entertaining but very slow.
Now for a couple of days shopping, we emptied the victuals locker before we went off on our hols. and this is our first chance to replenish.

Back to Tenerife......

Aqualand, another water park, and young (5) Esme goes off the top board, no hesitation, just a firm grip on the nose and away.

Her cousins, Jonah and Noah, were not slow in following. There was also a dolphin show:

The kids loved it.

Jill and I also got to meet them close up.

You can never get away from the fact that Tenerife is an active volcano, it last erupted in 1909. It didn't stop Jill and I taking an excursion up to the caldera, brave people that we are.

The main peak is 12,198 ft. high,

and the interior of the crater is like a moonscape although a few hardy plants do manage to survive the harsh conditions.

On the way back down we visited the village of Masca, pop. 60, none of our pictures does it justice but the road down to it is to the right of the photo. The hairiest series of hairpins I've ever been down.

If I wasn't grey before I am now.

I won't inflict anymore holiday snaps on you, nothing worse than someone who has just come back from holiday with a shed load of piccies!
My faithful Canon compact went belly up halfway through the holiday so we had to buy a replacement at huge cost. When we got back guess what? Yes, the Canon resurrected itself and is now working perfectly, so we now have a spare Nikon compact. You couldn't make it up.

The tan is fading already.

Watch this space.......

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