Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Late summer at Pewsey.

We've made it as far as Pewsey and tomorrow our Natalie and family are coming up for the weekend. No peace for the wicked and as my old gran would have added, "The righteous don't need any."

Last night we had a pleasant evening in The Waterfront with another Graham, also ex R.N., well Fleet Air Arm, I suppose that counts. A few pints of "Proper Job," up from Cornwall and the world seemed much mellower.
This morning it was hands to cleaning stations, so I turned to with mop and duster. I drew the line at black stockings and frilly apron. Once the boat was gleaming we donned boots and off we went.

 Along an ancient track with views across a drowsing late summer landscape to the Marlborough Downs,

hazy in the sunlight. At the foot of the hills was a field of ripe wheat which seemed to have been used as a practice ground

by some rather amateurish crop circle makers.

The western end of the ridge is scored by terracing, known as strip lynchets. These may date back as far as the iron age and were used for crop growing. It's not clear if they were deliberately built or are the result of soil slip down the slope as the soil is loosened by years of ploughing.

Elegant Georgian manors and homely thatched farms shelter at the base of the downs in this beautiful corner of Wiltshire.
Back at the canal C&RT were busy rebuilding the banks.

The local ducks were taking full advantage of the half completed works.

 No flies on them.

Elephant hawk moth caterpillar crossing the towpath, Jill acted as lollipop lady until he was safely back in the undergrowth.

Thistle flowers seem to be exceedingly attractive to the local insects,

this imposing specimen was buzzing with them.
May be a day or two before I get a chance to put up another post.

Watch this space................

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