Saturday, 24 August 2013

Chimneys and a touch of the African Queen.

As you head east from Devizes you pass some large houses, one of which,

has a fascinating arrangement of chimneys.

This splendid array sits in the centre of the rooves, or is that roofs? Seems to be a matter of some debate with rooves being described as an archaic form. As that is the spelling I learnt in my youth I will remain unapologetically archaic.
Ignoring that, it does indicate an intriguing arrangement of fireplaces in the house.
Parts of this stretch, known as the long pound, are starting to resemble an outtake from The African Queen,

This widebeam certainly struggled to push its way through. Not only is it narrow but desperately shallow as well.

We plodded on until we came to our favoured mooring in the lee of Woodborough Hill with it's beech hanger and Picked, Pecked or Pickled Hill, take your pick. May also have once been called Cocklebury.

We managed to ease in next to a splendid clump of hemp-agrimony with

the long pound stretching out towards Pewsey ahead of us.
We will probably stay here for the bank holiday weekend, just letting the world go by.

Watch this space...........

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