Monday, 3 December 2012

Where have all the boats gone?

Awoke this morning to the sound of rain falling in water, not on ice, so it was up, up and away. We are retracing our steps towards the Braunston area as we are off to Plymouth for Christmas and are leaving the boat at Wigrams. The stretch of the Coventry Canal from Marston Junction down to Sutton's Stop is rather dreary, enlivened only by Charity Dock.

When we passed there a month or so ago the mannequins were celebrating Halloween but now they are getting in the mood for Christmas.

Looks like it's party time!

We carried on to Sutton's stop were Jill hopped off at the narrows and nipped across to the stop lock and by the time I had sailed majestically around the 180 degree turn in front of

The Greyhound she had the lock open and waiting for me. What a team.
But where are all the boats? Normally at this time of year the mooring spaces around the junction are rammed with boats, today there were at least half a dozen empty spaces and on the North Oxford, on what was the popular mooring by The Elephant and Castle, there was not a single boat. Are more people heading for marinas for the winter? Or is C&RT having a purge on over stayers? Whichever it is it is starting to feel a bit lonely out here.
We've stopped out in the country with no company whatsoever, apart from the motorway, you can't get away from it on this stretch.

Watch this space...............

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