Wednesday, 12 December 2012

International Rescue. (Ducks Division).

This morning, as the breakfast smoked haddock seethed gently on the stove, Jill was moved to point out a duck of grandiose proportions which appeared to be having problems on the ice.

It was unable to lift its considerable bulk up onto its legs and no matter how much it waved its feet about it was unable to shift fore or aft.  I have a strong belief that if left alone most wild animals can sort their problems out so, having taken a picture, I retired to the dinette and got stuck into the haddock and the toast and marmalade. Breakfast over we checked the duck again, it was still stuck and was looking rather fed up. An attempt to tempt it with a bit of bread led to frantic leg waving but no progress in any direction. Not being willing to attempt rescue on my own, the jetties are somewhat icy at the moment, I located Kevin the harbour master and together we set of on our mission of mercy.

An attempt to break up the ice with a boat hook didn't really get us anywhere.

The stupid bird just scrabbled it's way back onto the ice and sat there

quacking pathetically. The next few illustrations are not overly good, Jill having to hang out of the side hatch to get them but basically, I had a cunning plan and having fetched my large landing net, the one I bought for piking,

I succeeded in netting him.

He was then transferred to the area of open water where all the other, sensible, ducks had gathered. Not one quack of thanks, just swam nonchalantly away. Good deed completed I returned to the boat for another cuppa, musing on the fact that the net has now seen one more duck than it has pike.

Watch this space..................

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