Sunday, 16 December 2012

The future of English rugby?

As the season of goodwill/bah humbug, (take your pick), approaches plans are made and as rapidly abandoned as things change. So today, owing to a change of plans, we piled the Christmas presents for our eldest daughter and family into the hired car and trundled off down to Marlborough.
As it is Sunday the boys were playing rugby for Marlborough Rugby Union Football Club.

The under elevens were getting stuck in in a scrum while our boy Noah

was running his heart out. He's a bit light yet but he's not scared to get in amongst it and is developing a good rugby brain. Most important thing is though, that he loves the game and is a real team player.

Meanwhile Jonah, he of the curly red hair, was on the next pitch playing tag rugby.

Not allowed to tackle, to stop someone running with the ball you have to pull one of the tags off the belt of the ball carrier.
They both ended up suitably muddy and Noah had a couple of battle scars to show.
The results? Who cares, they'd both had a good time.
A horrible thought has just struck, their dad, Ken, is of Scottish descent so they could end up playing for Scotland.
After descaling them it was off for a pizza in town.

Marlborough was dressed overall for the season with a continental market in full swing. The town claims to have the widest High Street in Britain, I can believe it.
Sorry it isn't very boaty at the moment, I'll have to see what I can do.

Watch this space............

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