Saturday, 14 January 2012

War breaks out in Cheshire?

Sometimes I worry about the state of English society. We set of for the supermarket today but, as we had some mail to go we headed for town first.

View of the main road bridge over the Weaver, this is on the way to town in case anyone was wondering about the relevance of the picture.
Well when we arrived in the town square we were confronted by a somewhat unusual sight.

Bearing in mind the cowboys we found at Stourport in the summer I suppose we should not have been surprised to find Civil War troops at Nantwich,

except that most of these seemed to be old enough to have fought in the Civil War. Oh well, each to their own I suppose.
So we did our shopping and tomorrow we head for the Welsh Canal, I understand that the signal is pretty dire up there but I'll do my best.

Watch this space..............

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