Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Struggling on.

Despite the ravages of what could possibly have been a severe attack of pneumonic plague (Yersinia pestis) we have survived. New year celebrations were decidedly muted as, despite liberal ingestion of my cough cure, I was not at my best, perhaps there was not enough of the West Indies finest in the mix? By new years day Jill had joined me on my bed of pain and was sounding like a seal calling for another herring but as stores were by now running low we set off for Market Drayton.

 Tyrley Wharf was basking in the winter sun as we watered and set off down the lock flight, by the bottom of which we were both past caring.
Having shopped the next day we were then beset by by a howling gale and, for some reason, a lack of 'phone signal. It's usually quite reliable at M.D.but not this time. We decided to spend a few days in the country and headed down to our favourite mooring at Adderley where we were joined by fellow bloggers Moore2Life and Seyella and where we sat out what was possibly the worst gale we have experienced since we moved onto the boat, it even blew the satellite dish clear off the roof.
Four days later and in much improved conditions we felt compelled to move as the water tank was getting low, I must admit we are somewhat profligate in our use of water, a reprehensible trait in boat dwellers.

In the Adderley pound the dredger was hard at work,

the dredgings being moved down the cut and spread on a nearby field.

Should grow a good crop on that next year.
Shopping at Audlem and today we moved on to Coole Pilate where there are now four bloggers, Rock and Roll also being here along with Moore2Life and Seyella.
Jill is still coughing but hopefully we are both recovering, I don't know who passed the bug on to us but if I find out...........!

Watch this space............

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