Friday, 13 January 2012

The picture of the ducks is quite nice.

Sunrise yesterday at Coole Pilate, occasionally a photo' really comes off, I think this is one of them.
This morning was rather different,

a heavy frost and a cold mist over the fields.

As the sky cleared we looked up, everybody was obviously heading off for warmer climes, at one point we counted twenty one vapour trails criss crossing the sky. Like the M25 up there.
We moved down to Nantwich today for a complete restock of essentials, bottle of malt, two litres of Amontillado and a dozen assorted bottles of red. We also bought some sprats, roll on breakfast.
From where we are moored the shortest route to town takes you over the River Weaver and just by the bridge over the river,

there was this pair of mandarins, they look totally out of place on an urban river in the middle of an English winter but they do brighten the place up.
Tomorrow is the food shopping, oh the thrill.

Watch this space.............

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