Monday, 16 January 2012

Hurleston and the start of the Welsh Canal.(Llangollen Canal)

Having fulfilled our needs in Nantwich we have set off on our journey toward Llangollen, you can pronounce it however you like, which we intend to explore to the outrance. As usual our intentions may not coincide with the eventual outcome but we'll do our best.

The first sight of Hurleston locks where the Welsh canal leaves the Shroppie, coming from the south under the bridge makes it a really awkward turn but, needless to say, we got round and managed to get me ashore to set the locks.

As Jill rose majestically up the first lock I came back to tell her the good news, the pound between the first two locks was frozen. Luckily it was not thick and she pushed through it ok. The rest of the flight was clear of ice so we lost none of our nice new blacking.

Two views of the wonderfully sinuous paddle gear on the third lock up. there is no obvious reason for it's shape and I know of no other quite like it, it does give a talking point though.

This is what you see as you look back down the flight from the top lock.
As we are heading towards Wales we thought it very appropriate that next to the flight we saw our first

daffodil of the year. We were pleased to note that there wasn't a leek in the canal,oh those puns!
We are now moored between bridges four and five and we are watching The Masters snooker on the telly, you'll get little sense from Jill this week and not much more from me.

Watch this space..............

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