Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mostly around Adderley.

Coole Pilate mooring, about half a mile from a thumping great 'phone mast, a signal at last.
At the top of the Adderley flight there is a brilliant farm shop and wandering around

you will find their pet lamb. Such is the charisma of this ovine star that it is due to make an appearance in that journal of all things intellectual, The Sun. We hasten to add not page three. At the next lock down I fell over this fellow,

you're never short of company at Adderley.
As an aside we've just dined splendidly on lamb chops purchased at the shop, roasties and runner beans from the stall halfway down the Audlem flight. You can live well on the Shroppie.

The Virginia Creeper cries autumn, the temperature says mid summer, isn't this a wonderful country? It's my theory that we colonised half the world just to get away from the weather.

Adderley Manor, the old squire no longer sallies forth to chivvy the peasantry or decimate the local wildlife, it has been converted into desirable apartments but still dominates the local landscape, a reminder of the days of Merrie England, bring back the maypole, hurrah for Morris Dancing, well perhaps we don't need to go that far.

This spider was trying to seduce the young lady who is just visible behind the leaf on the right. He had a nice succulent fly wrapped up, better than a box of choccies to a female arachnid, and he was twanging the web to tempt her out so he could have his wicked way with her, the cad. Being a man of absolute probity I made my excuses and left.

Back at the bottom of the locks

Saturn went through behind ??? To my shame I can't remember who the motor was.

Perhaps one of the aficionados will be able to identify it.
Mendip went past soon after, obviously on her way back to The Port after her commemorative run from Knighton to Bourneville but needless to say I didn't have a camera handy.

Sea World, that's me at the front of the boat looking really cheerful and exceedingly damp. I'll sneak in a few more bits of Florida as we go along.

Watch this space............

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