Saturday, 24 September 2011

Florida. (Part One)

There can be no more boring way of travelling than flying, eight hours cramped into seats designed for size zero models. Won't complain though, it got us to Florida.

The first morning, temperature in the eighties and off to

The Magic Kingdom.

Didn't get to meet Mickey but met these two lads, sorry boys I've lost your names but it was great chatting to you.

At Disney Studios Darth Vader never stood a chance against Jonah and Noah. Personally I was going to sign up for the Dark Side, sounds a lot more fun.

Daughter Cairstine got on well with the Starship Trooper. She crocked her leg a couple of days before we flew out. A good tip for visitors to the theme parks, get someone on crutches in your party, you get pushed straight to the head of the queues.

Disney's Epcot, I liked the different shapes, very modernistic.

The monorail has been there for ever but still looks futuristic.

At the back of the British Pub ($8 for a pint of keg beer) there is this structure, last time we were there it actually had lock gates fitted but obviously they've heard about the N.W.C.

 Just to prove we went swimming sometimes.
Quick trip to Disney's animal park.

Seems like an advert for insurance

but I don't think this guy was buying it.
When we got back we found that our email account had been hacked and had sent out dodgy emails to all our contacts, careful scanning by an expert discovered more nasties hiding in the laptop than you would think possible, anyway all sorted now, hopefully.
More from Florida shortly.

Watch this space.........

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