Sunday, 25 September 2011

Florida. (Part Two). With a real Armadillo and a Dolphin.

11th September, definitely the best day of the holiday, we went to Discovery Cove, a water park with a difference. On the way in we were greeted by a young lady who was carrying

an armadillo, really cute little beast who wisely stayed curled up. It's the first time I've seen a live one, made my day!
The big thing though was that we actually got to meet a dolphin

and Cindy, for such was the name that had been bestowed upon the animal, consented to give us

a tow across the pool. I believe she demanded extra rations of sprats for having to shift my bulk.

Then we all waved good bye and were left wondering how these wonderful mammals put up with us, if I was a dolphin I think I might drown the occasional human, just for fun.
The main swimming pool at Discovery Cove is an artificial coral reef, salt water and full of reef fish, nearly as good as snorkelling in the sea.
Loved this sign at Universal Studios,

 I was well able to fit my backside in it but we saw several who had no chance.
I had intended to finish with Florida today but we have moved on to Adderley and the signal is very poor and it is taking for ever to load so I'm afraid that's all for today.

Watch this space..............

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