Sunday, 12 December 2010

A new sport, battery wrestling.

Yesterday was a real fun day, owing to my gross negligence the starter battery had decided not to issue anymore wiggly amps so the decision was taken to replace said battery. Mind you I can't see any hope of using a starter battery in the near future but I went ahead anyway. A battery was obtained and I set too to perform the replacement. Out came the floor of the cupboard beneath which the batteries lurk, off came the lid of the battery box, a spanner was wielded to disconnect the cables, a mighty heave on the battery and, ah, how clever, they had fitted the batteries and then put the support for the cupboard floor across them at the back, there was no space to lift the things. Logic took over, if I just remove the batten and, ah, right, the next length of wood is obscuring the screws, so if that comes out, oh, the bit above it is glued in, hmmm. Back to basics, out hammer and ancient chisel. So with much light hearted muttering and many a chuckle I worked downwards, eventually, on reaching the batteries it took me five minutes to change the offending article and now it was time to rebuild the back of the boat. Owing to damage inflicted on the downward journey the rebuild was somewhat protracted and, in the finest traditions of the bodge, the cupboard floor now rests on a bit of two by one that sits on the lid of the battery box. Time taken? Five hours. Don't you just love boat builders?

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