Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Just musing.

Reading through an assortment of boaters blogs I am almost feeling guilty about being in the marina. If it wasn't for the fact that we are going away over Christmas we would be out there suffering with everyone else. The Met. office in it's usual cheerful way is promising another bout of freezing weather. Have you ever noticed the degree of scarcely concealed glee with which the television weather forecasters foretell the coming mini ice-age? I wonder what will come next?
Getting cabin fever now, much as I quite like Hinckley its few attractions pall after two weeks, the most exciting thing so far this week was spotting that the restored Viva was parked the other way round yesterday.
I wish I understood the workings of modern technology, why, when the T-Mobile window is showing a big fat 3G signal, does it suddenly refuse to pass any data in or out, but if I disconnect the whole shooting match and then reconnect it will work again for a while until it goes off on another sulk and I have to go through the whole business again? Sometimes I almost wish I had a landline.
Back on the subject of weather, why does the Met. office web site give one forecast and the BBC, who claim to get there information from the Met. office, give a different one? Another of lifes little mysteries, or a plot to keep us confused? I'm generally confused without any input from external sources, I still don't know why orange jam is called marmalade.


Cairstine said...

Father, "there" instead of "their" and a missing apostrophe! I am shocked. How much have you had to drink?

Anonymous said...

please photo the viva from the rear

Anonymous said...


One of the better free forecasts!