Friday, 3 December 2010

Jill's Christmas chore is finished.

We are still wimpishly sitting in the marina, as they have turned the water off I am now having to go about fifty yards to get it by the container full, but as they've got showers here we're not using a great deal on board so I am not over stressed.
It was down to -7 C here last night and although we have now got bright sun the temperature has not yet crept above freezing, blow global warming if this is what it does, can't we just have a bit of local warming?

Jill has finished all the cross stitching for the Christmas cards, they have all been washed and here you see them hanging out to dry, just got to iron them all and then attach them to cards and then put the greetings in them and then write them, address the envelopes, stick the stamps on and post them, isn't Christmas fun. She started about the beginning of September, talk about post early for Christmas.


cairstine said...

Please can we have penguin ones so we can frame them for jonahs room after Xmas? Xxxxx

Annie said...

They look lovely. What a great idea for Christmas cards!

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

I love the cards. You must have been working on those for ages. Lovely keep sakes. Jo