Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Delayed by snow, sound familiar?

Today we were supposed to set off for Plymouth, care hired, clothes packed, pressies wrapped a trip on the Dart Valley Railway Santa Special booked and what does the weather do? It hurls the first heavy snow we've had here at us. The M42 and the M5 are blocked so here we sit, watching the snow build up around us. Hopefully tomorrow we will be replevied and able to travel, if not Christmas is looking a bit grim, looks like sausage toad for Christmas dinner with the highlight being a water run from the amenities block. I should complain, look at all those poor people stuck at Heathrow, that place is grim when all is going smoothly, having to spend a couple of days there doesn't bear thinking about.
I don't feel so guilty about running for cover now, my heart goes out to all the boaters stuck out on the cut, don't give up hope, spring will be here soon(er or later)

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