Saturday, 18 December 2010

A meerkat impression and a hole in the ice.

Back to square one, the ice and snow are back. Here I am doing what Jill calls my meerkat impression, she says I pop my head up and look round before emerging, well you never know when an eagle may be waiting to snatch you away!

This morning the sudden rush of cold air down the back of my neck caused my entire skin to horripilate

so a brisk walk along the marina was called for, revealing where the ducks had spent the night, the only clear water for miles. Well it would have been brisk but I had the dog in tow and brisk is not in her vocabulary.

The rest of it, just a tad fresh.
And for our anonymous commentor, sorry, not walking up to town for a while, too cold and slippy, will try and get requested photo. a.s.a.p. Boy that's a strange request.

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