Thursday, 27 May 2010

We are now at Anderton.

Is there nowhere in Cheshire which has a 3G signal? Several days ago we set off from Cholmondeston, got about ten yards and then slowed to a halt, an hour and a half later we set off again, having removed a floral pattern curtain, the best part of a fleece, including two zips, and three cable ties from around the prop, all good fun, or not.
Then spent the weekend in Middlewich, not by choice. Two days out in the country by bridge 176, T & M, what a beautiful mooring, even got rings and I got to paint the left side hull side, covering the worst of the winters wear, it won't be long before we knock it off again, it's only paint!
We are now at the top of the Anderton Lift and we're booked to go down tomorrow morning at 1015 for a few days on the Weaver but as usual not enough signal to download pictures, what do I pay all this money for? Perhaps one day we will have full 3G coverage. I know I bang on about lack of signal but I can't even follow other peoples blogs let alone load my own, frustrating.

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