Friday, 14 May 2010

Tower Wharf.

This p.m. we took a stroll down to Tower Wharf, below the Northgate triple staircase, these impressive locks hide shyly under a road bridge so we didn't manage to get a decent shot of them.

The cutting runs right along under the city walls and in places

you can still see the pick marks where the navvys dug out this huge ditch in the 1790s.

Telfords warehouse still dominates the south end of the basin,

while at the other end the covered dry dock is showing sad signs of decay.

and Taylors old yard and side slip desperately needs a new tenant.

Railway at the top, road in the middle and canal at the bottom, they all meet at Northgate.

Why are this pair living in the middle of Chester?

The drake bullies the mallards unmercifully.
Tomorrow we move on, or back, au revoir Chester.

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