Sunday, 30 May 2010

A walk on the Weaver.

Yesterday we sat out the rain at Acton Bridge and oh boy it really chucked it down.Today the weather brightened and despite a brisk wind (howling gale) we went for a walk

along the Weaver, the yellow field is not oilseed but is actually buttercups. Just above Dutton Locks we found two things of note,

firstly this fine lady sitting on a nest of grandiose proportions

and then the sad remains of M.V. Chica, don't think she will sail again.

The top of Dutton Locks with the now redundant semaphore signals once used to call on Mersey Flats, Brunners and even small coasters, all trade has now gone from the river.

From downstream a narrowboat disappears into the gaping maw of the locks.

This elegant structure is the horse bridge across the backwater of the locks

and just beyond it the main line strides across the valley and then a short hike up the valley sides brings you out on the T & M.

A bit of a contrast in structures.

After two hours of walking we were glad when this hove into view. A couple of pints of scrumpy soon revived flagging spirits.

Every idyll has its downside and there are rather a lot of these overhead, personally I prefer the swallows along the river.

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