Sunday, 9 May 2010

Northwards to a castle in the clouds,or at least on a hill.

We stopped at Coole Pilates and watched the rain and then had a day at Nantwich to stock up on food. Today we are heading for Beeston and The Shady Oak.

We set off on a perfect May morning (should I put a hey nonny no in there?)

and soon passed the bottom of the Hurlestone Flight and the entrance to the Llangollen, there was a brief discussion about whether we should change plans and head west but we decided to press on

and we soon passed Barbridge Junction and the Middlewich arm.

Beeston Stone lock and its intriguing round lengthsmans hut.

To our surprise there was a herd of deer grazing on the slopes of the old oil storage depot just below Beeston Iron Lock, agricultural diversification I presume, venison on the hoof as you might say.

How about this as the perfect image of an English spring?

We are now moored in the shadow of the hugely impressive Beeston Castle.

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