Saturday, 21 March 2015

The bugs strike back.

Well things didn't play out as we had hoped. Last Monday, as I was on the road to recovery, we moved down as far as Nantwich. Plan for Tuesday was a quick raid on Morrisons, lunch in the Vine and then hey-ho for the Welsh canal on Wednesday. But those nasty little microbes had other ideas. 0300 Tuesday I awoke unable to breath, severe chest pains, hacking, coughing and I probably had a temperature but I won't lay claim to one as we don't have a medical thermometer.
The upshot was that we spent Tuesday getting to see a doctor and after a quick check up she diagnosed a severe chest and upper respiratory tract infection and put me on double strength antibiotics. By yesterday I was feeling somewhat better and we had to move as we were down to about an inch of water in the tank. So we observed the eclipse as we had a pump out, filled with diesel and most importantly topped up the water tank. As it was a most pleasant day we moved on to Hurleston where C&RT were busy sorting the capping stones along the side of the first pound.

We were soon up the four locks, I will confess to leaving rather more than usual of the work to Jill but, bless her, she made no complaint, although I get the feeling she may take the advice of Marilyn of nb.Waka Huai.
We stopped between bridges two and three, opposite Bache House.

Not a bad view from the side windows.
We are staying here for the weekend to allow me to recover fully, not to mention the last three matches of the Six nations and the final of the World Grand Prix snooker on ITV4.

Finally, well you have to try it don't you. Not unpleasant but slightly lacking in character. I think I will stick to Scotch.

Watch this space........


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

We moored on the next moorings ahead of you last night. Was it you followed us up the first lock this morning?

Sue said...

Ooo that bug sounded nasty and glad you are feeling somewhat better. :D

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Brian & Diana: We're not moving until tomorrow. Snooker on the telly, can't shift Jill from that!!

Sue: Feeling a lot better now. The antibiotics seem to have sorted it. Wasn't a pleasant experience but thank you for your concern. Glad you are enjoying the Nene. We loved it last year.

Marilyn McDonald said...

OK, so it was more severe than man flu, so I apologise for my unsympathetic comment the other day! Chest infections are a right pain and you do need to take good care to get rid of them as they have a dread habit of lingering in the wings ready to strike again ... Now I am not saying you should take further advantage of Jill's good nature, but do make a valiant attempt not to be too gung ho about locking and all. Maybe you should find the Cricket World Cup on the telly on Monday night/Tuesday morning your time and settle back to watch NZ and Sth Africa slug it out. I won't be watching as I hate the suspense!
By the way, I have tried to delete one of those unkind comments (I missed out the word air in the first one - as in fresh air) but somehow I cannot get it to go away. Please feel free to get rid of it if you can.
Cheers and get better, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Cheers Marilyn, I didn't take the comments too seriously. Was worried about the way Jill was looking at me though! Feeling much better and not pushing things at the moment.