Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A brief update on the plumbing.

Well we took the boat to pieces, inspected every joint in the pipework and all were dry. The water under the shower, on closer inspection, turned out to be from an earlier mishap with the shower pump. Mick then spotted that the pipe from the pressure relief valve to the outside had a dodgy join to the hull fitting. Removing the p.r.v. showed a build up of lime scale so it was obvious, seepage through the p.r.v. building up in the pipe and leaking at the joint, "Bingo".
So he replaced the valve, sorted the join and we smiled at a job well done. He then had to rebuild the bed and refit the kick boards in the kitchen. Celebrations at success, except that it hasn't cured it. The water still appears and the pump still cycles.
I havn't told him yet and he's off on holiday tomorrow.

Jill's toe remains painful although the bruise is fading. And no Sue, such carrying ons are now in the past, time was.......

Watch this space.........


Andy Gic said...

If your bilge is dry the cycling could be water seeping back into the water tank. New pump!

Roger from Crown said...

Hi Graham
If you want a chat about the problem call me on 07977106692

Roxanne Vaughn said...

Well, that's cool. You have identified the problem, and have acted upon it. These plumbing problems can seem overbearing, but it only takes a bit of effort and perseverance to figure them out. Who would have thought it came down to the valve? It also helps that you have people like Mike around, who seem to be adept in these kinds of things.

Roxanne Vaughn @ Total PLBG