Saturday, 28 March 2015

Butterbur and bridges.

The by-washes at Grindley Brook are a tad lively at the moment. The bottom lock has a particularly vicious one which, combined with the bridge across the lock tail, makes the approach somewhat hazardous. I made a right cob of it but just managed to squeeze in without actually hitting anything.

Just above the first lock we spotted these unusual flowers. They belong to the butterbur, that plant that, in the summer, frequently lines the canal banks with its huge leaves.

The lockie was out and about and helped us through the staircase locks, he said that they were running more water down ready for the Easter rush and that was why the by-washes were acting up.

Once through the locks we stopped for water and got rid of the rubbish. Why oh why do the supermarkets have to use so much packaging? I also took the opportunity to wash off the winters accumulation of grime the right hand side of the boat. Make note never again to moor under trees, our feathered friends can make a right mess.
The bridge is Hassal's No.1 Lift Bridge. It has a partner slightly further on, Hassal's No.2.
Just beyond bridge 35 we found a splendid spot to moor. So here we are, once again parked for the weekend.

Watch this space..........

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