Thursday, 26 March 2015

Just another quiet day on the Welsh canal.

We had our day at Wrenbury and lunched royally at the Cotton Arms. If you ever eat there try the pork medallions with black pudding. Three pork medallions and two large portions of black pudding. Superb.
Yesterday morning dawned frosty with a heavy mist cloaking the countryside.

By the time we set off the mist had cleared and the frost had gone. We had no ambitions to travel a vast distance so we just meandered through the beautiful Cheshire countryside under a blue sky dotted with fine weather clouds.

There can be no finer way of spending a spring morning than drifting gently through such scenes of bucolic beauty.

Now here's an oddity, the Willeymoor Lock Tavern, a canalside pub which we had never visited despite having passed it on several occasions. So yesterday we put the situation right and a splendid hostelry it turned out to be. The Lymestone Brewery's Heart of Stone proved to be an excellent choice. In future I think we may be tempted not to pass it by.
This morning dawned wet with a brisk wind cutting across so, having summed up the alternatives, we stayed put.

Watch this space.........


Andy Healey said...

I recently had the Welsh Gammon in the Cotton Arms, has to be the best Gammon I have ever had, the Cotton Arms is miles better value then the Dusty Miller.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Andy: Couldn't agree more. the Dusty Miller always seems a mite pretentious as well.

Roger from Crown said...

On your recommendation we stopped at Willeymoor Lock Tavern, having previously been disappointed at the quality of their ale.
Got in at early doors and the Heart of Stone was excellent so a few glided down whilst Yvonne enjoyed the Merlins Dark Magic

Thank you