Thursday, 29 January 2015

Welsh Row and a snowy duck.

We are sitting out the current cold snap at Nantwich. it's a splendid town with lots of local shops, butchers, bakers and a wonderful, but expensive, fish mongers in Pepper Street.
We always moor on the embankment on the southern edge of town,
 there is a short cut to town through the housing estate and park. As you can see the moorings are not exactly crowded at the moment.
Most boaters are inclined to moor down by the aqueduct and make their way into town via Welsh Row so this morning we walked down the towpath and took that route into town..

It was once one of the main routes from Wales into England and there are some splendid Georgian houses showing that it must have been an area of considerable wealth.

The grand houses rub shoulders with more humble dwellings from earlier ages.

It's one of our favourite streets anywhere because of its eclectic mix of building styles.
But my favourite building will always be

The Black Lion, the oldest pub in Nantwich.
We had barely returned to the boat when, unlike New York, the promised snow arrived.

It came down so hard it even settled on the ducks.

To be honest it has now stopped and mostly melted away.
We are now just waiting for the wind to drop so we can move on, Saturday looks good?

Watch this space........

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