Friday, 23 January 2015

A cold day to the top of Audlem.

After a couple of days at Market Drayton, waiting for the freeze that never came, we set off this morning heading north.

What a disappointment, for years Bill and Ben have sat proudly in this garden and now they have gone. I used to really look forward to seeing them as we passed.

It must be winter, another grey and murky day as we headed for Adderley locks.

Through Betton Wood the sun came out, no sign of the screaming spectre said to lurk around here. Interestingly a friend recently pointed out that a lot of the canal hauntings were claimed to take place where there are, or were, game coverts. Perhaps a well invented ghost would discourage the old working boaters from lingering and helping themselves to the odd pheasant?

Jill let me loose with the windlass at Adderley, definitely out of pratcice, it felt like hard work.

Hmm! Looks like I need a haircut, in this weather? It may have to wait for spring.

Out of the bottom of Adderley and heading for Audlem.
We have descended the first two locks of the Audlem flight and are now snugged in for the weekend.

Watch this space..........

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