Tuesday, 20 January 2015

On the move again. At last.

Well here we are, three weeks into 2015 and this is the our first post. To be honest we have only been lurking up around Norbury and The Anchor, we had intended to be moving earlier but we have been deterred by the wind and rain. Yesterday morning there was cat ice on the canal at High Offley with the forecast of worse to come, so we girded up our loins and made a run for Market Drayton.

Much of the way was clear but we had to push our way through across Shebdon valley, not enough ice to even tinkle as we passed but a possible foretaste.

It was one of those winter days that makes you glad to be alive, blue sky, frosty air and winter sunshine.

In Woodseaves cutting C&RT's contractors were busy on the towpath but they kindly moved their work boats over and let us through.

Through the cutting the sun was struggling to shine into the Stygian depths and although the cut was clear there was abundant ice on the puddles on the towpath.

Well I guess that makes it clear whose fault it will be. Sign on the wall of the cottages at the top of Tyrley locks.

Tyrley was the first flight we had done since September but we soon were back in the routine, being very careful though as there was some ice on the locksides.

The locks provide a very different prospect at this time of year from the bosky picture they provide in the summer. The by-washes were not too frisky and we were down in just under the hour with no dramas.

At the bottom the strange angler still sits hopefully although now he has half a bottle of scotch on his hat and sign wishing those who pass by a belated, "Merry Christmas", hanging from his rustic fishing rod.
So we are now moored in Market Drayton, hoping for a break in the weather although it looks as though the freeze is in for a few more days.

Meanwhile we have some exotic neighbours to admire.

Watch this space..........


Anonymous said...

Very pleased to hear you had a good trip Tuesday. Good to meet you when we moved Duchess to Norbury and loads of thanks for the lift up to Maestermyn. We also saw those two Manderin ducks when we passed through, they seemed very tame. Hope to see you soon!

Paul and Jill

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

There are now five Mandarins at M.D., four drakes and one female!!
We were only too pleased to help with the lift. Take care.