Monday, 26 January 2015

Down the thick at Audlem.

After a pleasantly lazy weekend at the top of Audlem, (We did walk down the flight on Saturday for lunch in The Shroppie Fly but that was the extent of our activities), this morning we set off down the "thick" of the flight.

We have now got into the swing again, it only took us an hour and ten minutes to clear the first ten locks down to the water point. Not that we were racing, it was cold out there so the exercise kept us warm.

Intriguing building by Lock 10, I have seen described as stables but that seems unlikely as it is on the offside with no way to get a horse to it. I suspect it was a maintenance department workshop, with the chimney it could have been a blacksmiths forge.

The by-washes were a bit frisky but nowhere near as bad as I have known them in the past.
Where are all the boats? There were only three moored at Audlem and we have seen a grand total of two on the move today, which is one more than we saw all weekend.  I bet they will all be at Nantwich which is where we are heading tomorrow.Looking at the Met. Offices prognostications we may be there for a day or two, more gales and possibly snow, we will have to see what comes.
So for tonight we are at Coole Pilate where we have the forty-eight hour moorings to ourselves.

Watch this space...........

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