Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fun with pumps.

Monday morning at Little Onn.

Just a touch of frost and a beautiful dawn.
We set off for another favoured spot, the S.U.C.S. moorings between bridges seven and eight. At Wheaton Aston we stopped off for water and a pump out, in accordance with ancient tradition the pump out wasn't working so out came our manual pump which, in accordance with s*ds law packed up at about three quarters done. The outlet valve had had a seizure of some sort. Fortunately we have a service kit which includes a new valve but involves stripping the entire pump down and with today's temperatures outside it isn't going to happen for a while. For some reason Jill says I can't do it in the cabin.

Just one of the joys of autumnal boating, lots of nice friendly leaves who have only one ambition and that is to give the prop big hug. Luckily they can generally be dissuaded with a quick burst of back'ards.

This morning has dawned with the first really hard frost of the autumn, hence the reluctance to become involved in the internals of the afore mentioned pump.
All day yesterday we saw only three other boats on the move and we have had the moorings to ourselves.

It is now 0930 and the second boat of today is just emerging from the mist. My feeling is that we will not see many more.

Watch this space.........

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