Thursday, 20 November 2014

Back to normal, or what passes as normal for us.

Well here she is, resplendent in her new paint job and double glazed portholes.

Having taken this picture of the new fitting I was somewhat spooked to see my doppelganger peering out at me. The difference from the old brass portholes is amazing, no rattles, no leaks and condensation reduced to a slight haze on the alloy frames. Plus much better heat retention and less exterior noise.

Trevor has done a tremendous job of reproducing our beloved back panel.
After sidling up and down the cut, weekend at The Anchor needless to say, we had to visit Gnosall yesterday as one of my few remaining teeth was giving me gyp and a visit to the fang cobbler was required. Root canal work. Three little words for a whole lot of fear and cowardice. To be honest modern dentistry is pretty much painless but memories of past horrors still haunt me.
The bill hurt more than the actual work!

So today we set off aiming for a couple of quiet days in the country.

Through Cowley tunnel and a sign claiming tree cutting was taking place.

It wasn't wrong, the Cowley cutting was getting a right trim. Sorry about the quality of the pictures but a low autumn sun plus mist was causing havoc with the light.
The cutting has been badly overgrown on the offside for several years but C&RT have now got a handle on it and are already about two thirds of the way down clearing it right back.

I know it's most unfashionable to do anything but moan about C&RT but to be honest, we have seen more dredging, offside cutting back and general maintenance in the last couple of years than ever before. So more strength to their elbow we say.

After a short cruise through glorious autumn countryside we have moored at Little Onn and we've done all the puns on that score. A couple of days just loafing here would seem to be in order.

Jill has just finished her latest cross stitch masterpiece. A fairytale castle.

Watch this space..........


Yvonne said...

That's really beautiful Jill.
My eyesight is nowhere near good enough to do anything like that, not to mention the patience it must have taken.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Thank you Yvonne. It was fascinating watching it come together, the frog was particularly scary. Jill.