Friday, 14 November 2014

Catching up, part one.

Well that turned out to be rather a long fortnight.
So here is a quick catch up.
After handing the boat into the tender mercies of Norbury Wharf we set off for Tenerife.

View from our patio in the Hotel Isabel Family. Ideal for a quick dip in the morning before sallying forth for the day.

The one in the middle is Stuart, certified as a beach bum and

also barman in Ye Olde Ocean. He just happens to be our son, a real chip off the old block.

With Elodie, his gorgeous girlfriend. They took us to the places where the tourists don't go. Genuine tapas restaurants.

Or the local food market, just stroll around the stalls, buy a couple of dishes and then share with friends. Don't forget the local Canarian wine.

Looking down into the water at one of the local marinas, it's a bit clearer than your average British marina.

Elodie's birthday at the beach club.  A good time was had by all.

We had a wonderful two weeks in, mostly, the sun.
There's a bit more to come, another birthday, a snake and possibly a steam engine.
We are now back on the boat, she is looking good, pictures later, when it stops raining.

Watch this space...........

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