Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Catching up: part two.

Well after the sun drenched birthday we reluctantly returned to the U.K. Just in time to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the birth of my old dad.

Here he is, telling some outrageous story as he prepares to cut his birthday cake, which was in the shape of a W.W.II Universal Carrier. A vehicle on which he served during that unpleasantness.

Part of his birthday pressie. I created a small diorama for him, using a photo' he had given me as a basis.

And here is a collection of the clan, you don't often see a gathering like that. There were a lot more at the party but the family are a bit like cats, you can't hold a group of them together for more than a few seconds.

A couple of days later we managed to get the four grandsprogs together. Left to right, Noah, with his pet Boa, Jonah with the wild barnett, Esme and Elliot.

Of course Grandad had to become involved with the snake, it has been said we have a lot in common.

Promised a steam engine and here we have one. Day out with Esme and Elliot on the South Devon Railway.

Elliot, aspiring fireman?

Totnes end of the line, a rare breeds farm. No idea what the thing in the middle is but it seemed to like the kids, as long as they had food for it.

Subsequently Elliot was mugged by another goat, that stole the entire bag and ate the lot, paper bag included!

We are now fully restored to our itinerant life style but being on the rural bit of the Shroppie internet contact is, to say the least, erratic so....

Watch this space.........

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