Sunday, 2 February 2014

A rev. counter is not a high tech. way of totting up vicars.

What a week, spent sitting out the weather at High Offley. No chance of a signal out in the boondocks.
Now back at Norbury Junction, where it's not much better.

The rev. counter has been playing up for ages, needle waving about like a demented football fan's scarf. We now have a nice new one that reads zero hours, so I took this picture of the old one before it was removed. 8707.6 hours and she still uses no oil between services. Fitting a new one was strange really, I rarely bother to check the revs. I know what we are doing from the sound of the engine, the wash and all those other little things that you pick up from the boat. But knowing it wasn't working annoyed me no end.
It took three goes to download that picture so I'll pack this in while I'm ahead.

Watch this space.........

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