Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mostly Esme and Elliot.

We've just had a hectic few days. Daughter Natalie arrived with Esme and Elliot. They kept us on our toes I can tell you. Keeping a four and a five year old amused on a narrow boat is not easy when the weather is being unkind. A trip to Hobbycraft in Stafford provided us with the means to keep them interested.

Esme selected some sewing, easy, with a little help from Jill.

Meanwhile Elliot and I were building gliders. Attempts to fly them in the cabin met with stern disapproval so we hoped for better weather the next day.

Sunday dawned bright and clear with a light breeze so the gliders took to the air. I think it must have been all of twenty minutes before they were reduced to sad, shattered remains but they had flown!

Note the sorry angle of the nose on Elliots aircraft.
We then set off for a walk round Loynton Moss, a local SSSI and nature reserve.

Trees brought down by the storm made a grand climbing frame, with a little help from Mum.

Spectacular display of snowdrops in the wood by the moss.

On Monday they loved a trip to Amaton Farm, somehow I don't think these two will end up as farmers.

Now the boat is empty, they are back in Plymouth. Peace and quiet. Tomorrow we take back the hire car and it's off to The Anchor, again.

Watch this space...........

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