Saturday, 8 February 2014

Hands up all those who are now getting bored with the weather.

Still at Market Drayton, it's not raining yet but the wind is slightly boisterous. We have no intention of moving before Monday, according to the Met. Office that's the first break in the weather, only one day though and then back to normal.
Earlier today I was looking at pictures of Plymouth, our favourite Chinese restaurant, the aptly named Wet Wok, has been totally gutted by the sea and the nearby Waterfront pub is an empty shell. Nothing you can do to stop it, if the sea wants something it will take it, no matter what. At least our daughter who lives down there lives at the top of a hill.
Strolled up into town this morning, needed a new pair of boots, my old pair had come apart at the seams and I do so dislike wet feet. Got funny looks from the lady in the shoe shop when I didn't buy the expensive waterproofing spray but told her I was going to cover them with dubbin, seems that's not fashionable these days. It might not be fashionable but it is effective.

The old Butter Market, they still use it on market days, although no longer to sell butter, just as shelter for stalls.

Next to it is a fine old half timbered building, it used to be The Cheshire Cheese pub, now it houses an optometrist, so instead of getting blind drunk in there you now come out seeing better.
Now going to settle down and watch the Six Nations, Ireland v. Wales this afternoon hotly followed by Scotland v. England. Got the beer in, should be a good afternoon.

Watch this space.........

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