Sunday, 26 January 2014

A visit to Stafford.

Sometimes ones offspring can really penetrate the nasal organ. Just had a text from the boy, him as lives in Tenerife. Not only is he wandering around in shorts but he's just downloaded forty five Tom and Jerry cartoons, the real ones, directed by good old Fred Quimby. Tough old life he's got.
Meanwhile here we sit at Norbury, watching the rain run down the windows and listening to the wind howl. The same wind that yesterday blew our aluminium walkashore off the roof and into the cut, along with the shaft and very nearly the satellite dish, rescued by a fellow boater in the nick of time. My thanks to the kind chap.
When we arrived here on Thursday we spotted that Seyella was just beyond the bridge so we went and said "Hi" to Geoff and Mags, they kindly invited us aboard and we sat and put the world to rights. Always enjoy chatting to fellow bloggers.
Friday we collected a car from Enterprise in Stafford and then had a stroll around the town. For all the time we've spent on this stretch of the Shroppie it was the first time we had visited the county town. Pleasantly surprised, good shopping centre with a lot of independent shops.

We found this little greencrocers down Mill Street, not something you see every day. The veg. was really good as well. We also found a proper fishmongers, so yesterday we broke our fast with smoked fish, I had a kipper and Jill tucked in to smoked haddock. Nothing better to kick start the day.

The Ancient High House on Greengate Street, it has a museum but we didn't find time, perhaps the fact that we were scoffing pizza in Pizza Express had something to do with it. Horrible fish eye effect on that picture but it's the only one of that building so we'll just have to put up with it. Fortunately we found a decent camera shop and obtained a new memory card for the Canon, probably won't make a lot of difference though. Far too technical for me, the other day someone called me a Luddite, a label I wear with pride. High tech. digital camera operated by person with a box brownie mind.

Finally, the Shire Hall in the old market place.
Just hoping I can find enough signal to post this lot.

Watch this space........

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