Monday, 13 January 2014

Think I'll just entitle this, "Little Onn to Gnosall." Creativity seems to be lacking.

Lovely couple of quiet days at Little Onn, just rambled around the lanes, a couple of pints Saturday lunchtime in the Royal Oak at Church Eaton, nice pint and a cheerful barmaid, all good.

We awoke yesterday to another lurid sky and the first hard frost we've had this winter. After the statutory Sunday breakfast we set off for Gnosall, not exactly a long trip. We just ticked along through the Staffordshire countryside and in an hour we were in Cowley cutting,

It was originally going to be a tunnel but dangerous faults in the rock meant it had to be dug as a cutting apart from the northern eighty one yards that remain as a tunnel.

The towpath is well up to the standard we have come to expect in the Shroppie cuttings. Not a good walking surface.

Rather like a set for The Hobbit as you dive into the unlined bore of the tunnel.

All a bit rough cut, but it does have a towpath through it.
We're now on the visitor moorings between the bridges at Gnosall, they're a bit grotty but I've lost a filling so need to see the fang cobbler, I do hate dentists.

Watch this space............

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