Thursday, 9 January 2014

Brewood, pronounced Brood.

After a nice quiet couple of days on the S.U.C.S. moorings we moved down as far as Brewood yesterday.

En route we passed Avenue Bridge, also known as Fancy Bridge. It was the usual story, the local landowners didn't want a nasty muddy ditch spoiling the view and so insisted that where their drive crossed it the bridge should be of suitable style. In this case it was the drive to Chillington Hall which has been the home of the Giffard family since the 12th C.

Just before the moorings at Brewood there is a lovely view across to the village, unfortunately you can't get into the bank as the sides are too shallow. It's a pity because the moorings for the village are at the bottom of a dank and gloomy cutting. We made a quick visit to the local shops, especially the butchers, excellent local meat. Braised ox-tail tomorrow and roast shoulder of lamb on Sunday. Diet day today, grilled venison steaks and steamed veg. Can't be bad, no spuds though.

This has to be the most photographed building in the village, Speedwell Castle, claimed to have been built by a local apothecary who won a packet on a horse called Speedwell and built the house with his winnings.
Last night we braved the rain to visit The Curry Inn, we were greeted like long lost friends even though it's two years since we were last here and, as usual, the food was top notch.
Sadly it looks as though The Bridge is closing again, they were out of bitter at lunch time and didn't even bother opening in the evening.

We moved on today, the water flowing in from Belvide reservoir had turned the canal the colour of milky coffee.

Stretton Aqueduct is looking decidedly in need of a lick of paint. Unusually the A5 was virtually devoid of traffic, no chance of waving, in a superior fashion, at the drivers passing beneath.
We watered at Wheaton Aston and moved two miles or so further to some rather soggy moorings

at Little Onn, where we have, as I type, been passed by the first boat we have seen on the move for three days. Not exactly busy here at the moment.

Watch this space..........

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