Thursday, 10 January 2013

Yoicks, tally ho and a mistery walk.

We are on a new year regime. Even I admit that I need to drop a few pounds, that's avoirdupois, not sterling. I put it down to lack of exercise, as the dog got older we didn't cover as much ground and since she popped her clogs earlier this year walking has slipped way down the agenda. Therefore, besides cutting back on the victuals, we are trying to put walking back in our lives.
Today we drove over to The Folly for a walk up the locks and back through the lanes. Well the lane down to the Folly was parked cars end to end, we'd just managed to park when, over the canal bridge

came the local hunt, off on a drag hunt across the fields. It's good to see that they are thriving under the new laws.

There was even one chap in pink.

Looking up the locks it was a tad on the thick side but undeterred we set off,

visibility closed in as we walked up and we were surprised to see a boat on the move.

Dreamcatcher from Ventnor Farm.

They were out for the weekend. Lucky them. I'm bored with marina life already.

Over the bridge, down the lane to Chapel Green and round to The Folly were we found someone had parked their 4X4 right on our rear bumper so I couldn't roll backwards and the verge ahead was pure mud and the wheels just spun when I tried to move. Stuck. Luckily a trio of hunt followers came along and put their weight on the back of the motor and we slithered out onto the road. Rescued!
We headed off to Southam for another visit to the pharmacy, can't move on the boat for various proprietary medicines. We'll beat the plague yet.

 By the car park, blossom, spring on the way?

Watch this space............

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