Monday, 21 January 2013

I make the snow fly.

All day yesterday it snowed and for a good part of the night it continued. This morning we were marooned at the end of the pontoon.

Only about six inches down the length of it, no problem to a chap like me.

So it was out with the trusty shovel and off down the pontoon with snow flying in every direction.

It's harder than you think, deep water at freezing point either side and a narrow pontoon to slip and slide on.

Have you got a brew on, I asked.

But on I went.
Three hours later I was within a boats length of the shore but had to give up as there is a boat either side of the jetty and nowhere to dispose of the snow but at least we can get ashore now.
Apart from back ache, stiff legs and arms that feel like they may drop of at any moment I'm fine(ish).

Watch this space.............

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