Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Upper Boddington.

Well the walk by the Wandle didn't do me a lot of good, by the evening my temperature had soared and I had developed a cough that sounded like a colony of seals barking. Next morning my dear lady took one look at me and said, "You're off down the quacks". A very nice lady doctor gave the once over, tutted about my weight and then issued the antibiotics, said it was a secondary infection and I was close to pneumonia. My "bon mot" of the other day had come home to roost. So it was Thursday before we shook the dust of Morden from our feet and headed back to Armadillo.
By Sunday I was feeling vaguely human so we drove out to Upper Boddington Reservoir. This a fair sized lake that is owned by the C&RT and is one of the main water supplies for the summit of the Oxford Canal.

It was't the best of days, damp with a bit of a wind, but it didn't stop those dedicated masochists

the carp fishermen from enjoying themselves. Apparently it is one of the top fisheries owned by C&RT. I must admit that large lakes have never really appealed to me as a fishing venue, probably because I'm rubbish at casting.

Banbury Sailing Cub also uses the lake,there were only three boats out but weekends in the better weather it seems it gets busy.

We set off around the perimeter and in the nearby ploughed field the local seagulls were partying, there were plenty of them on the reservoir as well.

Along with the rest of the country it was all a bit squelchy.

Dam wall and

water take off. It feeds into the canal feeder

which runs cross country before joining the canal just above Claydon locks.
All in all a well used lake, keeping anglers, sailors and us ditch crawlers happy.

Watch this space...........

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