Saturday, 28 July 2012

Catching up, a game of cricket and a splendid Austin.

It seems a long while since I updated this. Last couple of days at Plymouth.

A visit to Carnglaze slate mine where we met

at least one fairy.

Breakfast at The Coffee Shack on The Hoe and a visit to The Monkey Sanctuary.

Happy little soul.
Back at Norbury the lads had done their usual good job, the roof is no longer rust coloured and water does not pour in round the chimney collar. Good show!
Alas, when I tried to hook up the dongle to the laptop the extension lead rolled on its back and put its feet in the air, deader than last weeks mutton. Stopped at Brewood (Pronounced Brood) but the computer shop was bare of any suitable lead. Today we arrived at Wombourne and hooray, a new lead was forthcoming and we are now back in touch with the world.
So here is how the locals here enjoy a fine summer Saturday.

On the village green, overlooked by the parish church, a game of cricket was in full swing,

"Well played sir!!"

A quick single!
I won't do all the silly bits about the side that is in going out etc. If you don't understand the national game then there is little hope for you.

And this isn't Ringa Ringa Roses either.

At the church there was happiness of another kind,

yes, the owner of this splendid Austin Six was trousering a wad of cash for an hours work, that would make me happy!

It's good to be back on the move, heading for Brum via Merry Hell Hill.

Watch this space..............

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