Monday, 30 July 2012

Some days we should stay in bed.

The day started quite well, we watered at Greensforge.

This pair have been just above the lock for a while, anything to do with the floods?

In the lock cottage garden is this monster, I was expecting to hear "Feed me."
As we left the lock the day started to go downhill, the heavens opened, by the time I'd got the jacket on my shorts were soaked anyway so I didn't bother with the waterproof strides. It rained all the way down to Stourton Junction where we found two hire boats waiting because, as they explained, there was no water.

They were quite right, the second pound up was definitely on the shallow side and the next one up was looking nearly as short of water. It was the work of three quarters of an hour to run enough down to get moving again.
At the second lock Jill slipped getting off the boat, nasty graze up her leg and some bruised ribs, that was enough so once through the top lock we looked for somewhere to moor and have found a pleasant spot, except for the big patch of nettles that I managed to land in, in shorts. Just let someone ask me that old chestnut, "Do you ever regret moving onto the boat?"
A day that requires an application of a large malt whisky.

Watch this space...............

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