Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Unusual sight at Braunston.

Weatherwise Sunday was a rerun of Friday but Monday dawned grey and windy, at least it wasn't chucking it down.
Next Sunday we have two of the grandsprogs arriving for the week so we are now heading for Rugby. Good place to top up the victualling stores and Brownsover Park is convenient for picking up prospective crew members.
We had programmed a stop at Braunston for water into our itinerary but on approaching the turn it was obvious that the waterpoint was in use so we took a quick right and headed for the other point by the old junction house. To our amazement we were greeted by a sight we had not seen before;

the forty-eight hour moorings were devoid of moored boats, in fact between the turn and Butcher's Bridge there were only three boats moored towpath side.
Having watered and ditched the gash we winded and headed north,

back past the Horseley Ironworks bridges over Braunston Turn.

Even the fourteen day moorings were sparsely populated. I'll lay money that next time we decide to stop here it will be wall to wall boats.

I think we'll spend a few days here, girding our loins for next week.

Watch this space...

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