Friday, 31 July 2015

A bit about Barby.

On Wednesday, the weather being slightly more clement, we accoutred ourselves in our walking shoes and set off for Barby.

At bridge 81 we left the towpath and struck off on the footpath up the hill.

If one can describe it as such.

It was well supplied with thistles of admirable proportions that leaned, triffid like, over the path.

But if they seemed a nuisance to us they were a welcome resource to an array of insects. Lots of butterflies as well but the little devils wouldn't hang around long enough to have their images preserved for posterity.

It's a fair old hike up the hill but the views out over Warwickshire are well worth the effort.

Despite the views we were glad to see the crossroads that marked the top of the hill.

There's not a lot to see in Barby, although the church is of noble proportions. Disappointingly the hands of the Victorian "restorers" lay heavily on the interior.

Imposing but somehow lacking in character.

Although one of the stalwarts of the congregation was kind enough to lift a trapdoor in the floor to disclose what is believed to be a Saxon grave marker. Local legend has it that a Saxon princess is interred beneath.
Must mention that there is a shop in the village, not exactly handy for the canal but we did purchase an ice-cream apiece.
The return journey to the canal is down a back lane and then a track to bridge 79.
Yesterday we moved up  to the top of Hillmorton and today we will do the short hop to Rugby. Then it is preparation  for the arrival of the grandsprogs.

Watch this space...

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