Sunday, 18 November 2012

We reach the current end of the Moira Cut.

Been struggling with the computer, blasted thing kept crashing and refused point blank to pass any data over the internet. Eventually worked out that our Norton protection had thrown a serious wobbly so today I stripped it out and replaced it with McAfee, seems to have cured the problems. Except that the blasted machine now doesn't recognise the camera so we now have to use a card reader to download piccies. I really do hate technology.
Since our last post we have continued north up the Ashby, just past Sutton Cheney we once again came across the lads trimming back the offside vegetation.

They're making a good job of it as well.

Two weeks ago this stretch looked a bit like

this. All it needs now is a bit of dredging so the full width is usable.

This morning was the first real frost of the winter, ropes you could do the Indian rope trick with

and some wonderful ice crystals on the life ring.
It turned into a brilliant winter day as we made our way up to the current end of cut via

Snarestone tunnel in all its sinuous glory. For a short tunnel it bends and twists rather well.

The last few yards, the start of the work to reopen through to Measham.

There are a couple of hundred yards reopened in the last couple of years with visitor moorings and a slipway

for smaller boats.

The next stretch to be tackled, difficult to believe that this will soon be canal once again, with the help of numerous volunteers and a large wodge of cash.
Heading back south tomorrow, may have to spend a bit more time at Hinckley, sorting out Jill's op. becoming a bit of a nightmare!

Watch this space.............

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